"Professional development for teachers is the single most important decision we can make."

The Foundation for Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning provides professional development to schools that are committed to whole school reform. The commitment to this reform includes changes in the instructional program, alignment of teaching methods and curriculum, adjustments in site management and the role of leadership, and increasing the involvement of parents with the schooling of their children. The CELL/ExLL/Second Chance model is one that places a high level of confidence in the ability of school staffs to accomplish this reform. Rather than using scripted programs, the model focuses on using professional development to support teacher decision making and the development of a site based team to lead reform efforts. The model is also committed to developing capacity for each participating school. It is through this capacity that whole school reform can be supported over the long term.

Major Components of CELL, ExLL and Second Chance

Increase the emphasis on reading and writing in the curriculum
Support continued literacy learning in the content areas
Focus on the professional development of teachers
Support school reform and school restructuring
Use a balanced reading and writing program supported by scientific research
Align teaching methods within and across grade levels
Support English language learners
Facilitate inclusion of special needs students
Use a capacity-building model












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