"The PreK-3 Framework is carefully designed to help the beginning reader develop the necessary skills to master alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, and concepts about print in a literature-rich environment."

Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning (CELL)

CELL (PreK-3) helps primary teachers learn how to use the framework effectively in their classrooms and how to integrate the individual elements into an overall system of classroom instruction. Oral language is the foundation for all of the elements of early literacy learning. The dialogue, discussion, verbal interaction, and active oral engagement of each student are stressed as each of the framework elements is used. Knowledge of the structure of language is known to increase with communication that occurs surrounding the literature that is read aloud and the themes that are studied across the curriculum of the classroom. The practice of oral language and the development of new vocabulary through discussion and reading from a broad range of text types are reciprocal in nature. Skills development is also emphasized across each of the framework elements. Emergent readers must have the opportunity to develop phonemic awareness and to practice phonological strategies and decoding skills. These skills are best acquired in the context of meaningful activities and should be given extensive practice by reading quality literature and engaging in authentic writing activities.

The elements of the CELL framework provided during the inservice training are reviewed and discussed by both experienced and new teachers from a participating elementary school. Schoolwide staff development is provided by a specially trained Literacy Coordinator skilled in both the theory and practice of effective literacy learning. Literacy Coordinators also provide peer coaching to assist teachers in taking on the new learning and instructional methodologies of the CELL framework.



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